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Documents applicants academic titles

Documents applicants academic titles

Sergey Trebukhov Date of announcement – 25.03.2016 г.

Заведующий лабораторией вакуумных процессов АО «ЦНЗМО», к.т.н. Требухов С.А. представил в Учёный Совет АО «ЦНЗМО» аттестационное дело для рассмотрения и ходатайства в Комитет по контролю в сфере образования и науки МОН РК на представление его к учёному званию ассоциированного профессора (доцента). Head of the Laboratory of Vacuum Processes, Ph.D. Trebukhov S.A. submitted to the Academic Council, the attestation case for consideration and petition to the Committee on the Control of Education and Science of the MES of RK to submit it to the academic title of associate professor (associate professor).

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Applicant for the academic title "Professor"

Sergey Trebukhov

According to the Rules of assignment of academic ranks (associate professor, professor), approved by order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 31, 2011 No. 128 the Scientific Council of the JSC “Institute of Metallurgy and Ore Benefication” publishes the reference and the publication list of associate professor Trebukhov Sergey for the academic title of professor.

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