Implemented technologies

Implemented technologies

Physical and chemical bases for benefication of nonferrous metals ores, processing of ferrous, heavy non-ferrous, light, rare and noble metals ores are created, fundamentally new technological schemes and equipment are developed and introduced at a number of domestic and foreign enterprises during Metallurgy and Ore Benefication Institute existence.

Kivcet method for copper-zinc concentrates smelting is developed and implemented at Irtysh Polymetallic Industrial Complex in collaboration with VNIItzvetmet.

The technology of smelting in molten bath, developed in collaboration with MIS&A, is used on Balkhash copper-smelting plant since 1985. In 2004 Balkhash copper-smelting plant was completely transferred on this technology – Vanyukov process. These process and unit are patented in 10 leading countries of the world: USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, France, Finland, etc.

The theory of fluxing property of silicate-limy ores and slags of copper-smelting production is created and technology for converting of high-grade copper matte with using as flux of molten waste slag of ore-thermal furnaces is introduced at Zhezkazgan copper-smelting factory.

Vacuum process of pig tin refinement is developed and introduced at Novosibirsk tin plant. The technology under M&OBI license is used in Bolivia, Spain and other countries. This technology was protected by a number of foreign patents.

The technology of obtaining ammonium perrhenat was developed and introduced at «Zhezkazganredmet» RSE, and as the result – Kazakhstan became one of the world leader on rhenium production.

Production of rhenium output from by-products of lead manufacture is organised.

For the first time in the world industrial production of radiogenic osmium-187 is organised at RSE «Zhezkazganredmet» on the basis of the technology developed in M&OBI.

Technology of rhenium recovery from solutions of uranium ores underground leaching is developed and introduced in Uzbekistan, on RU-6 of Navoi mining and smelting industrial complex.

Unique environmentally appropriate technology for gallium obtaining is developed and introduced at Pavlodar aluminium plant. A number of licensing agreements for introduction of this technology and Kazakhstani gallium delivery to Japan, Switzerland and Germany are concluded.

Method for processing high-silica Kazakhstani bauxite developed with participation of M&OBI scientists is introduced at Pavlodar aluminium plant.

New extraction technology for vanadium oxide recovery from by-products of titanium subindustry, aluminous production and industrial solutions of «Tulachermet» SPU is introduced.

Technology of ilmenite concentrates thermal-electric processing is implemented at Ust-Kamenogorsk Titanium-Magnesium Industrial Complex with participation of M&OBI scientists.