List of innovative projects

List of Innovatie Projects of «Center of Earth Sciences, Metallurgy and Ore Benefication» JSC of “NSTH “Parasat” JSC

  1. High-effective technology for leaching gold from persistent low-grade gold-bearing raw material
  2. New ecologically safe technology for bio-sorbtion leaching of gold from antimony-, arsenium-containing concentrates
  3. Technology for bacterial-chemical heap leaching of copper from the low-grade oxidized, mixed and sulphide ores of Kazakhstani deposits  with the closed water rotation and obtaining of a commodity product
  4. Development of ecologically pure sorbtion technologies for gold recovery by Kazakhstani sorbents from cyanic multi-component solutions and regeneration of spent ionites
  5. Obtaining zeolites from aluminous manufacture by-products
  6. Updating technology for hydrometallurgical molybdenum recovery from cinders of molybdenum-containing ores benefication non-standard products and the spent catalysts
  7. Processing molybdenite concentrates, by-products and secondary raw materials
  8. Development of extraction technology for vanadium recovery from by-products of titanium – magnesium production
  9. Technology for ammonium perrhenat, rhenium acid and metal rhenium obtaining from solid and liquid by-products of copper, lead, uranium and molybdenum industries
  10. Technology of gallium recovery from fugitive dust of phosphoric, energy, aluminum productions
  11. Development of extraction technology for rhenium recovery from acidic solutions of molybdenum production
  12. Technology for complex processing of phosphoric industry waste with obtaining precipitated silicon dioxide («white soot»)
  13. Technology for obtaining radiogenic osmium-187 from by-products of Kazakhstani copper production
  14. Processing solid chloride sublimates of titanium production
  15. Vacuum refinement of crude selenium with obtaining high cleanliness metal
  16. Recycling mercury-containing devices and products
  17. Vacuum- thermal distillation of  arsenic from gold-containing persistent coaly concentrates
  18. Vacuum method for lead recovery from an alloy obtained after electro-smelting of silvery foam
  19. Vacuum- thermal method for lead recovery from polymetallic matte
  20. Complex processing of slags of nonferrous metallurgy
  21. Use of an electro-heated slag siphon and matte mixer on furnaces VF (Vanyukov furnaces) on Balkhash copper-smelting plant
  22. Cyclone electrothermal processing of copper-zinc raw material
  23. Using liquid dump slag as a flux at blister copper obtaining
  24. Processing of copper polymetallic ores by pyrometallurgical method
  25. Production of  new iron phosphorous materials on the basis of naturally alloyed electrothermal ferrophosphorus
  26. Organizing of production of magnesia refractories for lining heat engineering units
  27. SEHTS- refractory products (Self-extending high-temperature synthesis)
  28. Nano-composite electrolytic coatings with high stability for protection against corrosive -erosive destruction of metal materials for petrochemical purpose
  29. Installation, technology and composition of electrolyte for electroplating of chromium based composite electrolytic coatings (CEC)
  30. Development and production of industrial cavitator for improving rheological properties of high-viscosity paraffinic Kazakhstani oils for their effective pipeline transportation