Pilot metallurgical production (PMP)

The basic function:

  • Pilot approbation of technologies and constructions of concentrating and metallurgical units developed by scientists of Center and related organizations;
  • Checking of realizability of the projects, audit of technical and technological projects, R&D.

Infrastructure of PMP:

  • there are incoming electrical supply, water supply and sewerage, automobile approaches, etc.;
  • in the industrial building of the PMP unique experimental equipment for integrated tests and low-tonnage production are placed.

Following technological developments of Kazakhstani scientists are mastered and successfully implemented:

  • Technology for processing crude selenium;
  • Technology for recycling mercury-containing devices and products;
  • Production of catalysts for neutralization of exhaust gases of motor transport (1000 pieces per year);
  • Production of anticorrosive materials;
  • Production of alkyd paints and their modifications.

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