The purposes and the scope of activities of the Department for Innovation and Commercialization of Scientific Research are as follows:

  1. Development and implementation of a uniform policy of the JSC in the field of marketing, innovation and commercialization of scientific research, products and services delivered by the Centre in the context of performance to the plan of scientific research commercialization by way of:
    • classification, review and assessment of accomplished research studies, innovation projects, technology and research outcomes by research and development organizations under the JSC in terms of potential commercialization;
    • marketing research of demand for research outcomes, products and services delivered by the JSC;
    • search for partners and investors for innovation projects development and implementation;
    • promotion of the progress achieved by the JSC through holding and participation in conferences, workshops and exhibitions on issues related to the JSC core business;
    • advertising and promotion in Internet, filling and maintenance of the Science and Technology Portal of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  2. Participation in experimental trials, upgrade of the existing technology and development of new technology, operational procedures and machinery initiated by the Centre.
  3. Technical support to the other JSC structural units in mastering and application of new software products, drafting business plans and carrying out feasibility studies.
  4. Development and introduction of quality management systems for scientific and goal-oriented research and project metrology support.
  5. Performance to the action plan for staged transition of clerical correspondence to the state language.
  6. Update of the bank of scientific and technical data potentially promising in terms of application in practice.
  7. Local networking and providing access to Internet, software support.

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