«Institute of metallurgy and ore beneficiation»JSC provides the following types of services:

  • Development and testing of enrichment technologies, metallurgical processing of mineral, technogenic, secondary raw materials and research on materials science.
  • Development of technological production regulations.
  • Development of business plans.
  • Development of technical and economic studies.
  • Execution of works on the study ofvarious material samplesin the accredited National Scientific Laboratory of Collective Use: with the definition of chemical and phase compositions, mechanical properties (strength, plasticity, hardness); with carrying out metallographic, mineralogical, thermal and microprobe analyzes.
    Preparation of samples for various types of analysis and testing: grinding to a different fineness; dissolution; preparation of thin sections with resin filling; grinding of metals and alloys for mechanical testing; pressing of tablets from powders; sputtering of various metal’s and alloy’sthin films; melting and casting of metals and alloys; heat treatment in various environments and in vacuum; sandblasting; argon arc and spot welding; 3D printing with photopolymer resins. Development and production of non-standard laboratory equipment. (NATIONAL LABORATORY)