Development strategy

Development strategy

The mission of JSC “IMB” Satbayev university is the development of the theoretical foundations of mineral processing, metallurgy and materials science, the development on this basis of competitive technologies, commercialization and implementation of scientific and technical activity in the mining and metallurgical industries of the republic.

The strategic vision of JSC “IMB” Satbayev university is a major research institute of world-class, carrying out basic and applied research and development of new technologies in the field of mineral processing, metallurgy and materials science, capable of solving significant for the national economy of scientific and technical objectives and implement to create innovative technologies and equipment for industry, to promote international cooperation in the field of science and technology.

JSC “IMB” Satbayev university strategy is aimed at building a knowledge base and a world-class scientific research, increasing the effectiveness of the relevant human resources and scientific and technological support of the State Program of Forced Industrial-Innovative Development of Kazakhstan for 2015 – 2019 years.

Identified six strategic directions of development of the institution – the full implementation of the research and innovation cycle, from research to implementation of the results of research and development institute of infrastructure, effective management of the institute and its assets, international cooperation, strategic partnership, social support for young scientists and employees.

The main objectives of JSC “IMB” Satbayev university, which should be further developed as a result of implementation of the strategy are:

  • High integration of education, science and high technology industries, focus on the development and transfer in the economy of Kazakhstan and other countries of technologies in priority areas of the Institute;
  • Ability to carry out targeted training of scientific personnel with the necessary competences that allow to generate new knowledge and solutions to create innovative solutions to implement them at the metallurgical enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

JSC “IMB” Satbayev university is a major research institution with many years of experience in the development and implementation of technologies in the field of enrichment and metallurgical processing of ore and technogenic raw materials, the production of metals, alloys and composite materials, is able to provide scientific and technological base of the modernization of the mining and metallurgical industries for the purpose of strengthen the country’s position in the global metals market, substitution of raw materials for high-tech products.

Achieving the objectives and goals of JSC “IMB” Satbayev university will be achieved through the implementation of development programs and to ensure development activities, commercialization and deployment of technologies in the real economy.