The Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aslanbek Kemengerovich Amrin and the president of the JSC “Science Foundation” Anuarbek Zhalalovich Sultangazin met with the management and scientists of the “Institute of metallurgy and ore benefication” JSC (IMOB JSC) on April 20, 2017.

General Director of “IMOB” JSC Bagdaulet Kenzhaliyevich Kenzhaliyev showed the site for the creation of pilot sites for the approbation of new technologies and their preparation for industrial implementation – Pilot and Experimental Metallurgical Production (PEMP) of “IMOB” JSC  with a territory of 7.2 hectares and a total area of 12 000 m2 (the address Spasskaya, 64-a).

Was demonstrated in action a pilot plant to test Bayer hydro garnet ferruginous bauxite processing technology, created as a result of scientific and technical programs within program-targeted financing for 2015 – 2017 yy.

Were presented scientific and technical developments of “IMOB” JSC, ready for commercialization:

  • “Testing and introduction of copper recovery technology from copper-polymetallic ores of Nikolaevsky deposit”, business partner: “Baiterek Damu”;
  • “ Creation of an industrial site for the environmentally safe disposal of waste energy-saving light sources with mercury filling (fluorescent lamps)”, business partner: “IMOB” JSC;
  • “Development of SPS technology for processing gold-bearing ore of the Sayak-4 deposit” , business partners: “Kazakhmys Development” LLP and “Sayak-4 Project” LLP;
  • “Manufacturing of drill bits and picodours”, business partner: “Burmash” LLP;
  • Production of self-compacting concrete with the use of Kazakhstan’s innovative superplasticizer from food waste, business partners: “KazMet Almaty” LLP, “SK Granit” LLP, “Urban Group” LLP.

Also, new scientific and technical programs focused on the production needs of the metallurgical industry of Kazakhstan:

  • “Scientific and technical developments for resolving problematic issues at “Kazakhmys Smelting” LLP;
  • “Scientific and technical developments for increasing the efficiency of enterprises of the metallurgical industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.