National Scientific Laboratory accredited for technical competence in the Republic of Kazakhstan accreditation system for compliance with the requirements of ST RK ISO / IEC 17025-2007. Accreditation certificate number KZ.I.02.1138 from 23.02.2016.

The main goals of the National Laboratory activities are composed in:

-Reaching the advanced level of scientific research and efficient use of material, technical and human resource capacity through the provision of open access to research-based lab for domestic and foreign scientists, regardless of their departmental affiliation and ownership of scientific organizations in which they work on a permanent bases;

-Analytical and scientific support of the R & D carried out by domestic and foreign scientists;

-Expansion of the field of research by using modern high-performance equipment that will serve as a basis for the development of competitive technologies for hydrocarbon and mining sectors and their related service industries.

Scientific and production communications:

LLP “Regional industrial technopark” Aktobe”; JSC “Aluminium of Kazakhstan”; LLP “Corporation Kazakhmys”; TOO “Metallurgical Plant” Zhanatas”; NGO «Kazcopper»; LLP “ALPET”; LLP “Celso”; Institute of Metallurgy and Materials named after Baykova (Russia, Moscow); Egoryevsky Technological Institute (branch) GOU VPO MSTU “STANKIN”; Institute of Physical and Technical Problems of Materials Science of the Republic of Kirgyzstan.

Methods of researches:

  1. Carrying out research and development studies in the field of metallurgy and materials science;
  2. Metallographic analysis of metals, alloys, coatings;
  3. Mineralogical analysis;
  4. Scanning electron microscopy, microanalysis;
  5. Determination of the chemical composition of dry and liquid samples using X-ray fluorescence analysis;
  6. Determination of the chemical composition of the dry samples using spectral analysis;
  7. Determination of chemical composition in an accredited laboratory;
  8. X-ray analysis;
  9. FTIR analysis;
  10. Thermal analysis;
  11. Materials testing tensile, compressive and flexural strength at room temperature;
  12. Test of materials to rupture at temperatures up to 1000 ° C.;
  13. Determination of alloy hardness by Vickers and Brinell;
  14. Phase determination microhardness of alloys, materials, coatings;
  15. Heat treatment of samples;
  16. Grinding tests.

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The list of services and the price list can be found here.

Employee information:

The laboratory is organized by combining the previously functioning in the structure of JSC “IMB” laboratories:

  1. Laboratory of physical metallurgy;
  2. Laboratory of chemical analysis;
  3. Laboratory of physical methods of analysis;

In laboratory work 33 people, including 8 candidates and 2 doctors of science.

Contact information:

050010, city of Almaty,
ul. Shevchenko, ug. Valikhanov street, 29/133,
Tel. (reception): +7-727-298-45-02; +7-727-298-45-03
Tel. (laborotory): +7-727-298-45-52, +7-727-298-45-48,
 8 707 2005 -8-25, 8 776 2005-8-25