Functions and the scope of a Lawyer include:

  • Ensuring rule of law in the CESMOB JSC business;
  • Protection of the legal interests of CESMOB JSC;
  • Involvement in drafting legal documents;
  • Organizational supervision and guidance of legal work by JSC and the JSC business entities;
  • Involvement in developing and implementing activities designed to strengthen contractual, labour and financial discipline and to ensure safety of the JSC assets;
  • Counseling and advising the JSC personnel on legal issues and providing assistance in execution of documents and deeds pertaining to property and legal relations;
  • Supervision of compliance with the legal regulations established by the legislation;
  • Legal activities within the scope of the Department.

Functions and the scope of the Human Resource Division are as follows:

  • Long- and short-term forecasting and assessment of human resource requirements and identifying sources for satisfying such requirements on the basis of the labour market survey;
  • Initiation of direct links with academic institutions and employment agencies and economic entities engaged in similar business;
  • Informing the JSC personnel of the vacancies available;
  • Staff recruitment announcement in mass media.

Functions and scope of the Occupational Health and Safety Division:

  • Developing and implementing a set of legal, social & economic, organizational & technical, health and disease control and therapeutic interventions designed to create and to maintain safe and favourable working conditions at CESMOB JSC and to prevent occupational diseases and industrial injuries;
  • Arranging for formulation of regulatory documents pertaining to occupational health and safety;
  • Arrangement and coordination of interventions designed to ensure occupational health and safety at the structural units of CESMOB JSC and internal supervision of compliance by the JSC personnel with the relevant occupational health and safety standards and regulations.
  • Organizational supervision and guidance of the structural units of CESMOB JSC in making a list of occupations and positions liable to periodic medical check-ups and ensuring occupational health and safety;
  • Jointly with other divisions workplace assessment in terms of working conditions.

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