Basic directions of scientific researches:

-Investigation of regularities formation of structure and properties of coatings and thin films produced on metallic and non-metallic materials, methods of ion-atomic mixing. Development of new coatings technologies and equipment to increase the tribological properties of materials;

-Research of physical and chemical processes, developing interaction with light alloys and non-ferrous metals and non-metallic and metallic materials. Development of new composite construction, anti-friction and friction materials, technologies and equipment for their production.

-Development of metals and alloys, plastic deformation theory. Investigation of mechanisms and physico-chemical characteristics of deformation and fracture of structural materials.

Scientific and production communication:

Institute of Metallurgy and Materials named after A.A.Baykov Academy of Sciences (Moscow) (Kalashnikov I.E. – Doctor of Technical Sciences); Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Education “Moscow State Engineering University (MAMI) – rector Anisimova N.Y.); Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications named after professor Bonch-Bruevich (Livshits A.J. – Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences); Tomsk Polytechnic University, Department of silicate technology and nanomaterials (Pogrebenkov Valeriy Matveevich – doctor of technical sciences, professor.).

Scientific and technical developments offered to implementation:

-Technology and equipment for aluminum-matrix composite materials by mechanical mixing;

-Technology for production of ultra-thin composite hydrogen-permeable membranes based on niobium and tantalumа.

Main achievements:

-Were approved by 4 state standards RK – SТ RК 1152-2002, SТ RК 1153-2002, SТ RК 1154-2002, SТ RК 1156-2002 (on the application of special alloys for medical purposes);

-Were created an improved installation of magnetron sputtering, which allows to significantly increase the rate of thin film deposition of refractory metals on various materials;

-Created modular membrane installation to produce ultra-pure hydrogen on the basis of hydrogen-permeable membranes based on niobium and tantalum.

Employee information:

The collective of laboratory consists 21 people, including 1 PhD, 5 candidates of technical sciences и 7 masters.

Contact infrmation:

Адрес:      050010, Republic of kazakhstan, Almaty, Shevchenko street, 29

Телефон:  8 (727) 298-45-41, 298-45-42

Факс:        8 (727) 298-45-03