A joint Gas-Methane Production Venture out of the coal pit was announced to be set up between  JSC ArcelorMittal Temirtau and  Satbayev University at the meeting in Astana.

The methane deposits in the Karaganda coal basin caused difficulties throughout the course of its operation, both for the safety of miners and the environment. At present, the new joint venture will allow to settle down the problem and make it profitable to extract methane. The joint venture Satbayev University – Arcelor Mittal Gas Production will start geological exploration of methane in the coal bed at the contractual territories with its subsequent mining. The extracted gas may be used both to meet the ArcelorMittal Temirtau company needs and the Karaganda region, as well as gas and chemical methane processing in order to obtain a range of products with a high added value.

 “The methane processing is the future target which is coming months to be discussed by our partners” – noted Iskander Beisembetov the Principle of Satbayev University.

An essential accompanying effect of coal methane mining is to ensure the safety of miners, reduce their psychological stress and environmental at the all adjacent areas. The parties announced of joint implementation of innovative projects aimed at improving the environmental situation in the Karaganda region, industrial safety advancement, information technologies and staff training additionally to the coal methane production. In the recent decades, coal methane has become an important energy source in the United States, China, Canada, Australia and other countries. World methane production is currently 58 billion of cubic meters per year. The tax preferences for the coal methane production are available in Kazakhstan.