Advances in development of metallurgical science and practice were highly praised and recognized at symposia and conferences abroad (USA, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, England, China, Spain, Korea, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Japan, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Russia).


Scientists’s contribution of Institute of Metallurgy and Ore Benefication  into development of the metallurgical science and industry was highly appreciated by the most prestigious state award – USSR State Prize in the field of science and technology. The following experts were awarded by the USSR State Prize:

  • 1947 – candidate of chemical sciences O. A. Suvorova – development and implementation of the method for rhenium recovery from dusts formed after the off-grade copper and molybdenite concentrates roasting;
  • 1971 – junior scientific worker V. P. Ovcharenko – development and implementation  in the lead industry of the fundamentally new technology for the noble metals recovery applying the electrothermy;
  • 1978 – doctor of technical sciences A. M. Kunayev, doctor of technical sciences  S. M. Kozhakhmetov, candidate of technical sciences  S. I. Omarov – development and implementation of the unique KIVCET-technology for copper, lead and zinc production;
  • 1978 – doctor of technical sciences A. I. Zazubin and  candidate of technical sciences Ye. L. Shalavina – development and implementation of gallam method for producing of metallic gallium;
  • 1980 – corresponding member of the Kazakh SSR Academy of Sciences L. P. Ni – creation and industrial implementation of new method for processing of low-quality bauxites;
  • 1984 – academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences A. M. Kunayev – development and implementation in the metallurgical industry of the technology for the phosphorous iron-ore processing;
  • 1985 – candidate of technical sciences V. S. Yesyutin – development and implementation of the equipment and technology for complex processing of tin-containing raw materials;
  • 1988 – doctor of technical sciences N. A. Baitenev and doctor of technical sciences V. A. Kozlov – development and implementation of resource-saving technological processes for titanium production.

Following experts were awarded by the Kazakh SSR – Republic Kazakhstan State Prize in the field of science and technology:

  • 1972 – academician of the Kazakh SSR Academy of Sciences A. M. Kunayev, candidate of technical sciences I. R. Polyvyannyj, candidate of technical sciences R. S. Demchenko – development and implementation of the fundamentally new electro-thermal methods for metallurgical by-products processing;
  • 1982 – academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences A. M. Kunayev, candidate of technical sciences B. B. Beisembayev, candidate of technical sciences B. L. Levintov, candidate of technical sciences J. I. Sukharnikov – achievements in field of complex processing of rare-metal phosphate-siliceous raw materials of Kazakhstan.
  • 2001  – doctor of technical sciences V. A. Kozlov – exploration of the titanium resource base of Kazakhstan, development and implementation of hi-tech processes for titanium and vanadium production at Ust-Kamenogorsk Titanium and Magnesium Industrial Complex, JSC.
  • 2005 – academician of the NAS RK N. S. Bekturganov – development of the unified theory of randomized particles for solid, liquid and gaseous states and its application to improve technology, increase production and improve quality of blister copper and copper wire rod.

Current research in the field of benefication of the non-ferrous and rare-metal ores, hydrometallurgy of the light, rare, rare-earth and noble metals, pyrometallurgy of the non-ferrous and ferrous metals, vacuum metallurgy and metallurgical science are successfully developed under guidance of such scientists as: academicians of the NAS RK S. M. Kozhahmetov, N. S. Bekturganov, R. A. Isakova, B. L. Levintov, doctors of technical sciences Z. S. Abisheva, A. N. Zagorodnyaya, V. Ye. Khrapunov, V. M. Bobrov, S. A. Kvyatkovsky, L. Ya. Agapova, V. N. Volodin, Ye. A. Tastanov, A. T. Shoinbayev, G. Sh. Yar-Mukhamedova, N. K. Tusupbayev, candidates of technical sciences L. A. Myltykbayeva, R. A. Abdulvaliev, V. A. Kovzalenko, M. A. Najmanbaev, T. Yu. Surkova, A. A. Biryukova, K. Sh. Akhmetova, S. A. Trebukhov, A. V. Panichkin.